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Commission Work

A high quality print of Middle Earth, hand weathered front and back.

This is printed on 310gsm etching paper, which is usually reserved for art gallery prints costing many hundreds of pounds.  Using a giclee printer for the highest possible quality (again, anything coming from an high quality art gallery will be printed using giclee), these are cut to size, and then weathered by hand.  The edges are treated to make them look old an worn, rather than the look that usually happens, where something simply looks like it's been rescued from a fairly serious fire.

After that, the paper is aged for colour, and then again to make the colouring look worn and uneven.  The paper is thick and textured, and is of archival quality.  This means the paper (and the inks) have to be Ph 0 in order for the paper, and the printing that is on it, to last as long as possible without fading.

Truly the highest quality map of middle earth you will find anywhere.

Available in three different sizes:

90 x 77 cm (36" x 30") - 95 inc. shipping in the UK.
                                  US$150 + shipping

61 x 51 cm (24" x 20") - 65 inc. shipping in the UK.
                                  US$100 + shipping

51 x 42 cm (20" x 16.5") - 45 inc. shipping in the UK.
                                     US$70 + shipping