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- Predator

- Star Wars

- Batman

- Harry Potter

- Judge Dredd

- Battlestar Galactica

- Space: Above and Beyond

- Carbon Fibre


Commission Work

A totally original and custom sculpt.  Originally a sketch by someone from The Hunters Lair, I decided it would be fun to sculpt, so I set to work.  It honestly surpassed my best hopes for it, and hopefully this will be the start of some new custom Predator pieces!

Cast in fibreglass, the raw bio comes with the edges trimmed, but nothing more.  You will need to cut out the eyes with a dremel, and do a little further sanding before painting it. 

Finishing is done with a combination of waxes, metal rubs and airbrushing to get a weathered finish that is full of texture and detail.

While the bio is cast thickly, it is still light enough to wear as part of a costume, at around 1kg (2lbs).

Raw bio - 95, inc. shipping in the UK
Finished bio - 165 inc. shipping in the UK

International buyers, please contact me directly for a shipping quote.