Carbon Fibre Props

Why not get your favourite piece done up in carbon fibre?  Here are two pieces that I've made into carbon fibre show pieces for clients.

Cyborg suit

A suit for an independent short film.  A full suit wasn't necessary due to the character still enjoying human touches like baggy combat pants and T-shirts!


The helmet and arm armour is made from fibreglass and coated with a metal powder for a realistic metal finish, and given a worn appearance for the real world look the client wanted.


The ribbed black pieces under the arms were made of rubber to increase the mechanical aspect of the character.

Commission work

I'm happy to quote for commission work, please bear in mind that it is more expensive than my regular pieces due to the time and materials that goes into a single piece.

The original concept art

Helmet sculpted in WED clay

The finished piece. T-shirt at clients request!

The original concept art