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Inspired by the Númenóreans seen for the first time in Rings of Power, this ocean themed dagger is a unique display piece to go in your Tolkien collection.


Made by Skunkworks founder Paul, the blade was made from a  piece of stainless damascus steel by the Swedish company Damasteel. It has been etched to show the pattern created by the mixing of two steel alloys. Fully heat treated and tempered it is functional as well as beautiful. The guard and pommel were forged from a piece of antique wrought iron anchor chain. The guard was given a clamshell look to further enhance the ocean theme. They have also been etched to show the unique patterning in wrought iron.


The handle is a piece of dyed and stabilised maple burl, butting up against the guard are two more pieces of wrought iron, sandwiching a piece of sterling silver.


The sheath is veg-tan leather, hand tooled and coloured depicting an octopus in his watery kingdom. The sheath was hand stitched with waxed thread with a lock stitch technique.


Each Artist Series piece is the whole work of a single person, with their individual style bringing a totally individual look to each piece. Each work is intended as a one off,  and buyers will receive a certificate signed by the artist.


You must be over 18 to buy this item. ID will need to be confirmed after purchase.

Artist Series - Númenórean Dagger

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