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A different look for Vader! As ever with the Artist Series we like to try new things, and so we have this Vader helmet that has been finished completely in carbon fibre. It started life as a regular helmet that was made by mistake as surplus, so Chief Skunk Paul spent some of his weekends and evenings turning it into this unique display piece.


Carbon fibre cloth was wrapped over the existing helmet, the composites industry call this process 'skinning', where you cover an existing piece rather than laying the carbon cloth into an existing mould. Many thin layers of clear resin and some automotive clear coat later, this is the result. 


The metal parts have been polished to a high shine, and the lenses are clear polycarbonate with a mirror tint film applied.


This piece will come with a display stand and is on hand and ready to ship. Please contact us if you have any questions about this piece.

Carbon Fibre Darth Vader

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