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Who can forget Vader's first appearance in Star Wars? OK, it may not have been quite as epic as his appearance at the end of Rogue One, but still pretty memorable. It's in the first few scenes that we get our best look at his costume as well, seeing the battered and well used look of the helmet and armour.


We've replicated as much as we can of the wear to the original prop. The gunmetal grey has been brushed on, like the original. The (wearers) right cheek has been weathered and marked with the famous C scar, although you'd be forgiven for feeling it looks more like an L.


The helmet itself is constructed from epoxy fibreglass of the type used in boat building, and finished with a smooth resin interior to the mask and dome.


Fully approvable with the 501st or any other costuming group, assuming the rest of your costume is up to scratch, but please do let us know if you plan to use it as a costume as we'll add