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Star Wars would not have been quite the same without Ralph McQuarrie's incredible designs. We have partnered with McFlyPrint3D for this piece, turning the 3D model into a fantastic physical representation of the original McQuarrie sketch.


The helmet comes in 3 separate pieces with the dome, mask and neck brace. The dome and face are attached with neodymium magnets. The neck brace has 4 metal rods fitted that slot into the back of the mask, and are likewise held in by magnets.


All parts are cast in resin, reinforced with woven fibreglass cloth for extra strength. The tusks are machined aluminium.


The finish is an extremely dark metallic blue of our own devising. Most of the time it will look almost black, but in the right light the blue will come out in highlights in a similar way to the eFX helmet that was produced several years ago. As with our other Vader helmets, automotive paints are used throughout for a high quality finish.


We will be making these helmets in batches, lead times will be similar to other Vader products at 8-10 weeks from ordering.

Darth Vader - Ralph McQuarrie Concept

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