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A few trifling changes to the helmet this time around. The position of the dome is raised a little higher, the shape of the mohawk/midstrip of the dome is changed a little, and the tusks are changed slightly, becoming pointed rather than rounded off.


The helmet itself is constructed from epoxy fibreglass of the type used in boat building, and finished with a smooth resin interior to the mask and dome. Automotove paints are used throughout and finished with a 2k clear.


Fully approvable with the 501st or any other costuming group, assuming the rest of your costume is up to scratch, but please do let us know if you plan to use it as a costume as we'll add a couple of extra details that make a costumers life a little bit easier.


NEW - If you are a costumer and want to lighten the load a little (Vader is a heavy costume!) we are now able to offer the helmet made with carbon fibre. Externally it is painted exactly the same as the standard helmet, but you can expect a 35% weight reduction by opting for carbon fibre instead of fibreglass. The weave of the carbon fibre cloth is visible only on the inside of the helmet.


Please be aware that this item is made to order, refer to the banner at the top of the Shop page for the current lead time.

Darth Vader - Return of the Jedi

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