High quality fibreglass replica of Judge Dredd's helmet seen in the 2012 movie with Karl Urban.


Weathered using a multi-stage process for as realistic a look as possible and with a badge made with cold cast brass for real metal shine. Cold casting is a process of mixing powdered metal with a resin, that after sanding and polishing looks like real metal.


Ideal as a display or costume piece. Helmets are not supplied with padding as everyone likes their helmet to fit differently and it would be impossible to get it right for everyone. Padding the helmet to your own needs will always produce a better result.


These helmets are custom made by hand. We strive to fulfill orders as fast as possible, but it may take up to 6 weeks for an order to be finished. Because each one is finished by hand, the appearance of weathered helmets will not match the pictures exactly.

Dredd 2012 helmet

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